Conversation with Medical Literature

“Let all circumstances, all beginnings in life be occasions, constantly renewed for learning more and even more”

The Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram)

The horizons in medical research and education are widening. There is a steady rise in the global interest in research and enhanced awareness of the necessity of pursuing the work. There is therefore a need to provide diligent support for health care professionals to widen the prospects of publication and academic recognization of their work. As the new trends in medical research and education continue to emerge, our intent to bring out a new scientific journal is simply with the purpose to help fellow colleagues to publish their work and recognization of their scholarly achievement.

The Journal ‘Current Trends in Diagnosis and Treatment’ is an official publication of ‘Academy of Medical Evaluators & Interpreters’ - a registered national scientific society. The primary objective of the society is to bring forth a medical journal. The aim of the journal is to provide a platform for authors for academic recognization of their work, enhancement of their career development, archiving the work permanently and retrievably, linking it to various databases, indexes, and libraries. The journey in bringing forth the first issue of the journal has been full of fortitude and yet rewarding.

The design of the articles of the journal have been so formatted as to encompass wide range of areas. The articles are organized in seventh sections. The first section of the journal is important as it serves as a platform for Original Research Articles - a space where you can see your research published and available to researchers, the second section has invited/submitted review articles which will survey and summarize previously published studies. The third section has rare Case Reports. The fourth section is designed for Original Articles/Brief Reviews on medical education. The fifth section takes up the topic of Medical Ethics, Law and Society. This section also invites articles related to health care, which have relevance to society, economics, or political formulations. The sixth deals with Medical Manpower and Management. This will be an interesting section and very few medical journals cater to the management and leadership role of a health professional. There is a need to accentuate the literature on leadership and management and work on the qualities, attributes, knowledge, and skills of an organizational structure which all of us are a part of. In fact, there is a wide scope in this journal for contribution by faculty from all genres and specialties. The seventh and final section is designated to short decisive letter to the editor.

The journal will be published in two formats - print and online. The journal is multidisciplinary, peer- reviewed, open access, published bi-annually. The articles will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, sent for plagiarism check and if found suitable will be sent for peer-review. We will work endlessly to bring out worthwhile scientific articles, commentaries, and reviews from distinguished faculty from various streams. We are grateful to all the authors for having faith in us and contributing to the journal and also to our entire team of reviewer's who diligently reviewed the manuscripts. We hope for a long-time association with all of you. I also take this opportunity to show my gratitude to the Editorial board team and the Editorial advisory board for providing healthy feedback and constructive criticism and therefore helping to shape the journal.

These are exciting times, when your work and ideas can be shared and discussed with intellectual and professional society around the world. As a health professional, you all belong to a large and diverse community of clinicians and teachers. There is a plethora of medical literature which you are engaged with - researching, writing, teaching, delivering, debating, and conversing. It is good to record your conversations with medical literature so that your work becomes your scholarship. So let's engage in the medical conversation. Publication in a peer-reviewed indexed medical journal is still considered to be the ultimate scholarly achievement. It will be our endeavor to have this journal indexed with worthwhile indexing agencies very soon. The journal invites authors to submit scholarly and practical articles related to medical research and allied sciences.

Now is the right time...drop the inertia and start writing. This journal is your palette.... fill it with all your colors.

Beginnings are always difficult....but, well begun is half done!!!