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Anatomical Variations of Nutrient Foramina in Dry Adult Human Clavicles: Morphological and Morphometrical Research

Anupama Mahajan, Poonam Verma

Keywords : Clavicle, Nutrient artery, Nutrient foramina

Citation Information : Mahajan A, Verma P. Anatomical Variations of Nutrient Foramina in Dry Adult Human Clavicles: Morphological and Morphometrical Research. Curr Trends Diagn Treat 2022; 6 (2):27-30.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10055-0145

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 21-12-2022

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2022; The Author(s).


Introduction: Clavicle is S shape modified long bone placed horizontally in the body. Nutrient artery is the principal source of the blood to a long bone, it enters the bone shaft through the nutrient foramen, predominantly during its growth period in the embryo, as well as during the early phases of ossification during childhood. Vascularized bone and joint allograft survival depend strongly on the blood supply of that bone. Aims and objectives: Estimated the number, location, direction, and distance of nutrient foramina from two ends, and were observed, photographed, and analyzed. Materials and methods: In this study, 100 clavicle bones were observed, 50 on the right side and 50 on the left side of unknown age and sex. The clavicle bones were obtained from the department of anatomy in a tertiary care medical institute in Punjab. Results: In this study, nutrient foramina were present in all clavicles (100%), out of which single foramina in 33 clavicles of right (66%) and 46 clavicles of left (92%), double foramina in 11 clavicles of the right (22%) and 3 clavicles of the left (6%), and three foramina in 1 clavicle of left (2%) and 6 clavicles of right (12%). Foramina directed toward the acromial end were 76.5% and toward the sternal end were 23.5%. Mostly nutrient foramina were present on middle one-third of the shaft (75%) and predominantly seen on the posterior surface (68.4%). Conclusion: Nutrient foramen plays a crucial role in surgical, and orthopedical procedures such as bone grafting and bone transplantation, and is useful to safeguard arterial circulation during radiation treatment given during carcinoma in the neck.

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