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Occipitalization of Atlas: A Case Report with its Ontogenic Basis and Review of Literature

Monika Lalit, Sanjay Piplani, Anupama Mahajan, JS Kullar

Citation Information : Lalit M, Piplani S, Mahajan A, Kullar J. Occipitalization of Atlas: A Case Report with its Ontogenic Basis and Review of Literature. Curr Trends Diagn Treat 2017; 1 (1):34-37.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10055-0007

License: NA

Published Online: 01-06-2017

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Anatomy of the cervical vertebrae allows free flexion, extension, and rotation, which take place almost entirely in the first two cervical vertebrae. Variation in the articulation of upper cervical spine-like congenital fusion of the atlas to the base of the occiput, i.e., occipitalization of the atlas, is one of the common skeletal abnormalities. Such variations will produce irregular motion and at times a definite instability of the joint involved.


Considering the nature and functional importance of the joints in relation to these bones, the resulting disability is one of the rare occurrences and deserves special attention. Such patients exhibit neurological signs and symptoms usually no sooner than the second decade. Thus, anatomy, variations, and anomalies of the craniocervical junction are of high clinical importance to many specialties like anatomists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, and manipulative therapists, as they markedly influence mobility and stability of the cervical region.

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Lalit M, Piplani S, Mahajan A, Kullar JS. Occipitalization of Atlas: A Case Report with its Ontogenic Basis and Review of Literature. Curr Trends Diagn Treat 2017;1(1):34-37.

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